Family Law

Family Law

Family law cases are about more than just money. When your emotional health and wellbeing is on the line, you need more than just a win-at-all-costs mentality. Greer and Tarvin believe in finding unique solutions that help protect your rights while furthering your family’s best interests. We provide experienced family court representation in all areas including the following.


Divorce cases often turn into a battle over property division and child custody. If you need to go to court to fight for your rights, we are fully prepared to do so. However, we will first look to help you reduce the time and money you spend on your divorce by also exploring an amicable resolution through divorce or mediation. Our goal is to provide you with a full understanding of your legal rights and what may happen in a contested hearing so that you can make an informed decision about the best way to proceed.


When two parents were unmarried, paternity must be established by a court. This is the only way for a father to seek custody or visitation rights or for a mother to seek child support. Whether you are a father or a mother, we can help you petition for a paternity test and resolve the related issues of support, custody, and visitation.

Child Support

Child support disputes happen when the parents cannot agree on how to divide unusual medical, educational, or other expenses that do not fit the standard formula. You may also want an adjustment to the original child support order if one or both parents have had a significant change in their income. We can help you request a fair child support order as well as represent you in disputes over nonpayment of child support.


Guardianships are used when an adult is unable to take care of themselves due to illness or mental disability. They are also used to allow a family member or other trusted person to care for a child and to make legal decisions for the child when the parents are unable to. To establish a guardianship, you must file a court petition stating why the person needs a guardianship and why it is in their interests for the court to appoint you.


The adoption process is long and complicated both to protect the rights of the children and to ensure that the adopting parents are fully prepared for the commitment they are making. Even after an adoption is approved, you will need to take additional steps such as updating your estate planning documents to meet your family’s new needs. We can guide you through each step to ensure that the adoption goes as smoothly as possible.

Grandparental Rights

While courts across the country are allowing grandparents greater rights to see their grandchildren, Oklahoma still only grants visitation rights under a narrow set of circumstances. This includes the divorce of the parents, parental unfitness, or death of a parent. If you’re a grandparent seeking visitation rights, we can help you meet the necessary legal burden.

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